What Is Transformational Coaching?

Your Transformational Coaching sessions are personally designed to what you need and how you need it.  As each session begins to produce a shift in your self-awareness, you can develop the ability to recognize how you created your story (your thoughts and beliefs).  You will realize that you are your own expert and begin to be the author of a brand new chapter to your book.

Transformational Coaching will help you if you want to:

  • Let go of judgement of yourself and worries about judgement from others
  • Take better care of yourself to achieve calm and balance
  • Lose weight without a diet mentality
  • Set healthy boundaries
  • Love your body
  • Thrive as your authentic self
  • Explore the stories you tell yourself that hold you back
  • Make a lifestyle change 
  • Become more active or healthy
  • Start your own business

*Transformational Life Coaching is not therapy and should not be utilized to treat or diagnose mental health disorders or to manage acute trauma.

Juliet is amazing. She has helped me improve my physical AND mental health. I gained more focus, started eating better, and I improved my exercise and stress management habits.
She helped me see the strengths I never knew I had. She's completely understanding and I never felt judged. I couldn't have achieved my goals without her! I highly recommend her.

- F.S.

"I’m not the best when it comes to expressing myself. No one has ever understood what goes on in my head, until I started working with Juliet. Thank you so much!"

"Whenever life is throwing loads of changes and challenges at me, I know I have Juliet to help me feel grounded and strong again."

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Let's have a conversation about the person you'd love to become.
If after this conversation you don't feel Transformational Coaching is for you, at least you took a moment for yourself to paint a picture of the 'ideal you' and the first steps to get there.

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