Hi, I'm Juliet.

I'm a Transformational Coach and Manifestation Circle Leader. I'm here to help you create a life that excites you- in love, your career and how you feel about (and in) your body.

I have supported thousands of people who have struggled with the weight of their body and the thoughts on their mind, to help them rewire and reprogram old patterns, so it becomes easy to have unshakeable confidence, feel delicious in their body and embrace their true self.

I welcome Women, Men and Folx from the LGBTQIA+ Community

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How to Take the First Step on Your Journey

Let go of the "shoulds", "have to's" and "why did I's" and step into your calm confidence and deliciousness!

In 15 minutes I will show you how you can do this in a way that is sustainable and unique to you.



Start your transformational journey by joining a circle or getting 1:1 support

Manifesting Moon Circles

This is a Sacred Space held by Juliet. Your inner self has been calling, begging you to listen! Join us to connect with your power and create delicious new experiences. In our circle we have each other’s backs as we join together to create our circle experience together.  Our hearts are open!

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Price I 30 USD per person

Sacred Circles & Special Occasions

This is a fantastic way to celebrate with others in your life! Birthdays, Showers (Baby/Wedding), New Life Phase, and MORE! Together we explore themes, that you request, like connecting to your authentic self, love, inner child, letting go, soul connection, creativity... Circles can take place on Zoom or in person, on location.

Contact Juliet for prices

1:1 Transformational Coaching

Your Transformational Coaching sessions are personally designed to what you need and how you need it. With each session you develop the ability to recognize how you created your story (thoughts/beliefs), harness your power and begin a brand new chapter. Together, we will set goals that are realistic and sustainable.

Price I Contact Juliet

Manifesting Moon Circles

​In this international network of circles, you can expect: A Sacred Space held by Juliet, a trained Wild Woman Project Facilitator, with Guided Meditation, Sharing, Intention Setting Ritual, Journaling/Creation and more.

Circles will be held on or near the New Moon and Full Moon. Special 4 week themed circles occur at different times during the year.


What people are saying about the Manifesting Moon Circles:

"It's a great scheduled moment to check in with myself on a deeper level, which I would not do by myself. It's lovely having someone guide me through it and just letting it happen."


"It calmed me for the rest of the day and allowed me to feel good about taking time for myself without necessarily checking off a bunch of tasks from a to do list."


These Are the House Rules:

  • These circles are for people 18 years and older.
  • We are not associated with a religion. We come from all spiritual and cultural backgrounds to gather and empower each other without judgement.
  • In our circle we have each other’s backs and a respect for the earth (we turn to nature as a teacher), as we join together to create our circle experience together. 
  • Our hearts are open!
  • Be prepared to laugh, cry and walk away Soul-Full!  

The Circle has healing power. In the Circle we are all equal. When in the Circle, no one is in front of you and no one is behind you. No one is above you. No one is below you. The Sacred Circle is designed to create unity”.

- Dave Chief, Oglata Lakota

This is an official Wild Woman Project circle

The Wild Woman Project https://thewildwomanproject.com/ is a philosophy, approach to life, movement and network of women’s circles that gather around the world. The mission is to awaken women to their most authentic, unrestrained nature, without the need to apologize.

Juliet, your facilitator, is a graduate of the Wild Woman Project circle leader training program and honored to guide circles, for all people, with the added bonus of her experience as Certified Master Health Coach.