Meet Juliet

Childhood trauma led my brain to create a story-one that allowed me to accept being small
I embraced worry about judgement, people pleased, missed out on self-care and gave up too much of my energy to others who would not return the favor. 

It’s clear that my sense of self-worth was low. I knew I wanted to be “happy” and “successful”.  I wanted to be a good mom and wife. I got married, started a family and became a nurse.

I thought my life was improving.

To really have joy, I knew it was imperative that I go to the root cause - My childhood. Just as I began to pull apart my memories, I was widowed and eventually homeless with my 3 little children. I knew that I would never be in that situation ever again.

It was time to redesign my life!

To make that a reality I had to change my mindset, connect with my authentic self, realize my worth, set goals and don’t let failure stop me!

In 4 years, I went from being homeless, overweight and feeling broken to graduating college Magna Cum Laude, obtaining a great career, losing 70 pounds and achieving unshakeable confidence and self-worth.  

And I did this while working, going to school full time and raising 3 children on my own.

You may be thinking that I must have super powers! 

The truth is, you have the same power that I do. You are still here and have proven that you are strong and persevere. It is about taking the first step and refusing to give up your goals.

This is the reason I became a Transformational Coach. 

I know how having someone walk with you, help you break through the overwhelming feelings, hold you accountable and shine the light on your strengths will allow you to transform into a gorgeous butterfly! We are stronger together!!!   

I am living in a sense of calm strength, full of  joy and purpose, and I cannot wait to help you journey towards having yours!

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A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step."

- Lao Tzo -

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